The Finacial Management in Solving Emergencies and Crisis Situations
Mgr. Radek Šula, State Material Reserves Administration, the Strategy and Coordination Division

The subject of the analysis of the presented article was not only to address the issue of financing a very important area of crisis management and crisis measures in connection with § 25 of the Crisis Act at the level of the state administration and local self-government, which is one of the most basic issues due to its purpose of possibilities of financial management in all phases of solving the consequences stemming from the crisis situation. All these phases have a common goal, minimizing the negative impacts of possible emergencies, easier and faster solution of crisis situations. A number of legislative documents, matter-of-fact measures and financial instruments have been adopted for its implementation. They fall under the public policy of state security and are implemented and provided through public programs.

Keywords: Public finance, public budgets, public administration, territorial self-governing units, crisis, crisis management, crisis situation.