Use of Modus Operandi and Signature of Perpetrator For Psychological Analysis of the Case in Investigating Sexual Violence Against Adult Female Victims
PhDr. Tomáš Nahodil, Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague, doctoral student

This article presents some options for using modus operandi and perpetrator´s signature for purposes of psychological analysis of some particular case in investigating sexual violence against adult female victims. The article defines some typical characteristics of modus operandi of sexual assault and typical offender’s behavior in individual stages of crime commission. There is an interpretation on typical methods how to locate and select a victim including his/her potential monitoring following up with typical methods of victim approaching and assaulting. The options for securing and maintaining control of the perpetrator over the victim and the characteristic behaviour of the perpetrator during the attack are further described. Attention is given to verbal, physical and sexual behaviour. Methods of terminating the attack and disposing the victim’s body are also described, including typical follow-up activities of the offender and other offenses. This explanation of typical methods of committing a sexual assault is followed by a passage devoted to the process of psychological analysis of the case and the creation of a psychological profile of the offender. Attention is paid to verbal, physical and sexual behaviour. The presented text also describes ways of possibly ending the attack and dealing with the victim’s body including typical subsequent activities of the perpetrator and additional offenses. This interpretation of typical ways of sexual assault commission is followed by a passage paying attention to the process of psychological analysis of the case and psychological profiling of a perpetrator.

Keywords: sexual violence, modus operandi, signature, psychological analysis of a case, psychological profiling, geographical profiling.