Computer Moral Crime – Cybergrooming
PhDr. Marek Hejduk, MBA, Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague, doctoral student

The article deals with the issue of computer crime against morality with a focus on cybergroomig. The introduction describes and defines cybergrooming as a current phenomenon. Furthermore, the work focuses on the criminal law definition of cybergrooming and also on the statistics of offenses according to police statistics. The following part of the thesis defines the victims and perpetrators of cybergrooming, using the statistics of public prosecutor’s offices. The next part describes the individual phases (stages) of cybergrooming. The final part of the work focuses on the issue of preventive activities in the field of cybergrooming, both in terms of technical protection and preventive measures aimed at students, teachers and parents.

Keywords: cybergrooming, cybergroomer, criminal law, statistics, victim, perpetrator, phase of cybergrooming, prevention.