Addictive Substances in the Execution of a Custodial Sentence
Capt. Mgr. and Mgr. Martina Slámová, Police Presidium of the Czech Republic, Chief Commissioner of the Office of the Criminal Police and Investigation Mgr. Milan Kocík, MBA., Police Presidium of the Czech Republic, Commissioner of the General Crime Department of the Criminal Police and Investigation Service

The topic of this article is the issue of addictive substances in the execution of imprisonment in the Czech Republic. The article of informative character partially implements knowledge from practice. At the beginning of the informative part, the criminal activity committed in prisons by persons in custody, unconditional imprisonment and pre-trial detention are presented. Subsequently, attention is paid to the occurrence of addictive substances in Czech prisons. The next part deals with considerable demands that are placed on members of departments dealing with the detection and investigation of criminal activity in the field of addictive substances. The organizational structure of the so-called TOXI line is briefly introduced. The informative basis is followed by a section on the penetration of addictive substances into the prison environment. Here, the authors draw, among other things, from the experience of participating in large-scale implementations of this specific type of crime.

Key words: addictive substances, distribution, the Prison Service of the Czech Republic, execution of imprisonment.