On certain issues of the protection of members of parliament from their activities being monitored by the police and intelligence services
doc. JUDr. Jan Kudrna, Ph.D., Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague, Faculty of Security Management, Department of Public Law

This article deals with fundamental issues of the protection of the independence of parliamentary proceedings in relation to the activities of the intelligence services and, where appropriate, the police. In particular, this article focuses on the case of members of parliament involved in parliamentary scrutiny of these special executive bodies. The article deals with the question of whether, in the framework of the current legislation, the independence of the position of the controller vis-à-vis the controlled can be maintained under all circumstances. The article shows two foreign approaches to this problem, namely the British and German model.

Key words: parliament; intelligence services; police; phone tapping; surveillance; control; Czech Republic; Germany; the United Kingdom; G-10 Commission; Bodo Ramelow.