Risk of population radon exposure and new opportunities of its monitoring
Ing. Jiří Hůlka, Ing. Ivana Fojtíková, Ing. Josef Voltr, CSc.,
Ing. Karel Jílek, National Radiation Protection Institute, Prague
Ing. Martin Simandl, Ing. Ladislav Dušek, Ing. Václav Řeřicha, TESLA LLC, Prague
doc. Ing. Jozef Sabol, DrSc., Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague, Faculty of Security Management, Department of Crisis Management

The paper summarizes problems of population exposure in the Czech Republic as a consequence of natural background radiation, particularly its main component – radon exposure. The results of the radon programme in the Czech Republic and the recently developed detection technologies for measuring radon that are affordable to citizens and suitable as sensors for regulating the radon concentration in smart homes are briefly described. Even some results of monitoring carried out within the Czech Republic radon programme are presented.
Keywords: radon, population exposure, radon measurement.