The Proposals of Police Officers to Improve the Prosecution of Hate Crimes
Mgr. Václav Walach, Ph.D., In IUSTITIA, o.p.s., Charles University, Faculty of Arts, Institute of Political Science
Mgr. Klára Kalibová, Ph.D., In IUSTITIA, o.p.s.
Mgr. Benjamin Petruželka, In IUSTITIA, o.p.s., Charles University, First Faculty of Medicine, Department of Addictology
Mgr. Petr Kupka, Ph.D., In IUSTITIA, o.p.s., University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Faculty of Arts, Department of Anthropology

This study presents eighteen proposals to improve the prosecution of hate crimes which have been identified in qualitative interviews with specialized police officers. After describing the role of the police in the hate crime prosecution, the research methodology is outlined. The proposals are presented subsequently, using the structure of the following categories: specialization and motivation, education, cooperation with other actors, prevention, amendment of legislation, and practical and procedural measures. The presentation of the proposals is illustrated by quotes from the interviews. Finally, the proposals are discussed in the light of existing studies.
Key words: hate crime, police, political extremism, criminal offenses with an extremist context, criminal investigation.