Are the Czech Police Officers Ready for Intervention Against an Active Shooter?
rada pplk. Mgr. Miloslav Čihák, Police Academy of Czech Republic in Prague, Department of Police Activities
inspektor prap. David Slabý, Regional Police Directorate of the Czech Republic in the Vysočina Region

The article deals with the issue of active shooters and amok which is currently paid attention to as one of the priorities of the Czech Police officers´ training. The article is devoted to the basic concepts related to the topic, the legal standards that the police officer is entitled to use in the crackdown on the active shooter, the available equipment of police officers focusing on ballistics protection. The article deals with a survey using a questionnaire. The aim of the research is to find out the overall awareness of the police officers of two Czech regional headquarters, to identify possible shortcomings and to suggest possible solutions.

Keywords: active shooter, amok, ballistic protection, barricade situation, elimination, Integrated rescue system, Police of the Czech Republic, police patrol, tactics.