Reflection of Structural and Political Conditions in theIideology and Practice of Islamic Groups – the so-Called Islamic State and al-Gaeda
Mgr. Kateřina Šupová, Charles University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Political Science

In this article the author’s main goal is to analyze the strategy and propaganda of the Islamic State in relation to the strategy of al-Qaeda. Emphasis is put on studying the intentions and capabilities of each group by examining the ideology, goals, warfare, tactics, propaganda etc. Martha Crenshaw’s instrumental and organizational perspectives were very useful for the analysis as well as the concept of Michael Arena and Bruce Arriga dealing with identity and propaganda in collaboration with Ervin Goffman who follows up the theory of self-presentation. By analyzing various documents, declarations of the Islamic State and al-Qaeda an ideological, apocalyptic and strategic movement shift is outlined.

Keywords: ideology, propaganda, strategy, Islamic State, al-Qaeda, terrorism, identity.