Operational Management of the Integrated Rescue System
mjr. PhDr. Mgr. Miroslav Matouš, Police Academy of Czech Republic in Prague, postgraduate student

The theme of this article is a brief description of development process in the operational management of the basic component of the Integrated Rescue System, that the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic is. Through the Operational and Information Centres, which were established in order to meet the basic tasks, there are in case of two or more simultaneously ongoing interventions the coordination Operational and Information Centres of the Integrate Rescue System are managed as well as. The other basic elements of the Integrated Rescue System, that the Police of the Czech Republic and Emergency regional services are, run their own Operational and Information Centres cooperating in case of join interventions. The main issue has undergone many changes that influenced the management and coordination between the emergency services. This system currently meets the needs of modern society. However, it is necessary to monitor not only the growing dynamic development of technologies but also changes in the security environment, which could significantly affect operational management in the future.
Key words: the Integrated Rescue System, Fire and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, Operation and Information Centre, Operation Centre, basic unit, emergency, operational management, emergency call centre, emergency calls.