Absence of Temporary Situations as Potential Risks in Contemporary Society
PhDr. Petr Nesvadba, CSc., doc. JUDr. Mgr. Joža Spurný, Ph.D., Police Academy of Czech Republic in Prague, Faculty of Security Management, Department of Social Science
PhDr. Mgr. Lukáš Urban, Ph.D., Police Academy of Czech Republic in Prague, Faculty of Security Management, Department of Security Studies

In their view, the authors focus on the issue of the absence of temporary situations in contemporary society and the potential risks involved. In the first part, which concerns readers with the structure and sense of transient races in traditional society, then it is the culture-social characteristics of our social present; (a) political science, philosophical and political issues. The authors identify the Palestinian problem of the uncertainty of contemporary (Western) human identity and its distribution. They wonder whether the absence of transitional rituals is one of the roots of “infantilization”, and will try to initiate a discussion on this subject, based on the study of contemporary authors from the social sciences and the natural sciences. One of the benefits of this article is its transdisciplinary character and formulation for the next research initiative.
Key words: Transition rituals, group identity, social time, social space, contemporary society, traditional society, experience.