National Security and Defence in Polish ScientificTthinking
Urszula Staśkiewicz, Wyższa Szkoła Kryminologii i Penitencjarystyki w Warszawie, Poland

This paper is the result of research into the current knowledge of defence studies. Its key research problem was to establish the current state of theory within the subject matter area. The inquiries undertaken had two objectives: exploration – to better understand the subject matter and discover possibilities for broader research; description – to serve as an introduction to explaining the phenomenon, if only for the fact a scientific description is more precise and detailed than an informal one.
During the research, two key methods were utilized: the monograph method and analysis and critique of relevant literature.
This paper has been divided into two parts. The first part consists of enumerating and explaining key terms related to defence issues, while the second part presents it as a scientific discipline – showcases its place in the classification system of science disciplines in the Polish educational system as well as the subject matter and scope of research concerning state defence studies.
Keywords: defence, national defence, national defence capability, national defence system.