The Czech Seniors Serving the Sentence in Prisons – Analysis of Criminal Files
Mgr. Eva Biedermanová, Institute for Criminology and Social Prevention

The Czech prison population is aging. In 2016 the number of imprisoned seniors serving the sentence exceeded one percent, and is still increasing. In the years 2016 to 2019 the Institute of Criminology and Social Prevention carried out a research entitled „The Seniors – Victims and Offenders of Crimes“, focused on the issue of elderly inmates.

By analysing selected criminal records, the research has discovered that elderly inmates represent a rather heterogeneous group which also differs in many respects from the general prison population. The seniors in the research sample vary in family history, social status and crimes committed. Moreover, the survey highlighted some of the persistent issues concerning elderly prisoners such as poor health condition or enormous debt burden.

Keywords: Numbers of seniors in Czech prisons, recidivism of seniors, imprisoned seniors, permanently non-classifiable working persons.