Methodology of Investigation of the Crime of Insurance Fraud in the Field of Motor Vehicles Insurance
Mgr. Martin Vyskočil, Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague, postgraduate student

In the review article in the field of criminalistics, the author focused on summarizing current knowledge about the methodology of investigation of insurance frauds and its updating based on the knowledge gained through the study of criminal records and own practice.

The first part of the paper focuses on the methodology of investigation of individual types of crimes on the general level, where the author clearly defines the concept of investigation methodology of individual types of crimes, its function, structure and principles of its origin and application.

The second part of the paper closely focuses on the methodology for investigating insurance frauds. The text describes the criminalistic characteristics, typical traces and typical investigative situations  based on the knowledge of the way of committing insurance frauds in the area of motor vehicles, their manifestation in the traces and the specialities of the origin, searching for traces and their securing.

The third part describes the selected modus operandi in relation to car insurance frauds of car repairers. Within the framework of the ideas mentioned above, a selected case report and proposal of the investigative methodology are presented.
Key words: insurance fraud, criminalistics, methodology, investigation, crime insurance of motor vehicles.