Selected Aspects of Extremism in Cyberspace
JUDr. Michaela Jurisová, PhD., Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava, Department of Criminology

The article is focused on offenses of extremism in cyberspace. The author points out the evident transfer of these offenses from “the street” to “the cyberspace”. The selected aspects of extremism crimes in the cyberspace are looked upon from both the theoretical point of view and from the practical point of view. In the theoretical part the author pays attention to the institutional provision of extremism manifestations (in the form of the National counter-terrorist unit of the National crime agency of the Presidium of the Police Force) and to the legislative definition of crimes of extremism. The information from the National counter-terrorist unit and the Concept are linking the theoretical data with the information from application practice. The empirical part is focused on the quantitative and qualitative information from the activity of an expert in the field of “Political extremism”.
Keywords: extremism, crime, online space, cyberspace, the Concept.