Post war evacuation of German and Hungarian population was carried out on the basis of the existing regulations, especially on the basis of the decrees issued by the President of the Republic dr. Edvard Benes. This act can be partially characterized as retribution the injustice that has been exposed to Czechoslovak citizens during the Protectorate regime.
Over the decades they became and still become decrees under attack and their validity is constantly attacked mainly from the Sudeten Landsmannschaft an effort to achieve their removal.
Presidential decrees were issued on the basic of legislative force in the past. They are responses to economic and political situation caused by Nazi Germany. Decrees are part of the constitutional order of the Czech Republic and their validity cannot be disputed. Their media coverage in recent years shows us how wise it was their issue and how to make sense not only Czech but Slovak statehood.
Keywords: Benes decrees, Lisbon Treaty, State Council, Legal advice, Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, Sudeten German Association Missions Abroad, confiscating, retribution, Government in Exile.