Criminalistic Characterization of Crimes in the Name of Honour,  Especially Murders in the Name of Honour
Tuček, Leoš: 

The text focuses on the problems of crimes committed in the name of honour and it also pays attention especially to the possibility to classify these crimes in a wider context of domestic violence from the point of view of criminalistic characterization. Understanding of crimes in the name of honour can distinctively contribute to a higher quality of local policing. On the theoretical level a thorough criminalistic characterization of murders in the name of honour brings really valuable findings on the functioning of a contemporary patriarchally structured family and its dysfunctions, on relevant criminogenic mechanisms, it effectively profounds the understanding of domestic violence and it finally creates quality prerequisites for the prevention of committing crime or for its investigation.
Key words: crimes in the name of honour, patriarchal pattern of thinking, criminalistic characterization.