Police Mission as Part of International Police Cooperation
Bohman, Martin

In his article the author deals with the problems of police missions as one of the forms of the international police cooperation. He cites the used definition of police cooperation and its basic fields (Interpol activity, cooperation based on bilateral and multilateral agreements, activity connected with EU membership of the Czech Republic and Schengen integration, Sirene National Branch activity, Europol National Branch activity, foreign missions). He determines the notion „peace operations“, their mandate, targets, activities implemented within their framework and their types. The author also focuses on peace operations and police mission under the European Union. He also deals with the participation of the Police of the Czech Republic in such missions and operations. The article is supplemented with a survey of civil, police and peace operations of the European Union and with a survey of participation of Czech Police officers in foreign peace operations.
Key words: international police cooperation, peace operations, EU police missions.