Exceptions in Public Order and Security as Excep-tions in the EU law
PIKNA Bohumil:

Four basic liberties in the EU have EU exceptions from the principle. Among them there are three general exceptions for the reasons of public order, public security and protection of health. The provisions about exceptions, incorporated in the Treaty Establishing the European Community, are always related to individual liberties and have in nature similar content. But their meaning got finishing touches from the jurisprudence of the European Court. The concepts of public order, public security and related concepts of protection of health and lives of people, protection of plants, etc. in the law of EU can be considered in the prevailing meaning as economic categories or social economic categories. Their meaning and under-standing are different from some similar concepts which are incorporated in the other two pillars of EU.
Key words: European Union, exceptions, public order, public security, public health, public morality, four liberties of EU.