Global Social Chaos – as an Outside Threat for Inner Security of the State
Volner, Štefan:

Policy of global exponential economic growth had a negative impact also on social structure of the society and on its balance. The reaction to global exponential growth of number of inhabitants, global non-ecological production, global „selfish” and „self-destructing” consumption will be social and resistance movement.
Global social chaos is the consequence of growing social problems of the mankind, which belong into the category of global ones – civilization diseases, hyperactivity of the youth, shortening of the free time of the youth, indebting of the youth, dependence on cell-phones and internet, rise of number of  loafers and asocial unemployed ones, sexual misuse, enslavement, forced labour, prostitution, misuse of children for work, crime, drugs, mafias, corruption, etc. Today nobody doubts that these global movements  reach also other states – not excluding the 
Czech Republic – and threaten their security.
Key words: social structure, security, social problems, globalisations.