The introduction to the analyse of the human factor influence on successfulness in mass preboard screening by X-ray devices
Johanidesová, Jitka:

The article was worked as a part of research project „The Evolving an Information Base with a wiev to Increasing Security Standards of the Protection of International Airports in Czech Republic“ (project # CG741-009-220) in the frame of National Research Program under Ministery of Transportation, solved by company AZIN CZ Ltd. and PhDr. Miroslav Hanak – ITS Consulting and as a part of research project of  Police Academy Czech Republic “X-Ray Detection of Explosive Materials” solved by Doc. RNDr. Jaroslav Turecek, Ph.D.

The article identifies the most valid factors of human resources management in the field of mass civil aviation preboard screening procedures by X-ray devices. It discusses different methods of training and preparation of X-ray operators, selected problems of their motivation, methods of the job inspection and relationship between human factor and technical means. The article also summarises future trends in preboard screening research.

Key words: civil aviation security, preboard screening, X-ray operators training, human factor and technical means, future trends in research.