New possibilities of seizure of real estate for the purpose of criminal trial
Hruška, Jiří, Volevecký, Petr:

The authors deal with the legal concept of seizure operations and especially with the seizure of real estate. This legal concept has not been independently amended so far. Under the existing legal regulation the seizure of real estate for the purpose of criminal trial has been realized in practice in quite a complicated way.

The introducing of this legal concept through the amendment of the criminal code through the act n. 253/2006 of the Criminal Code gives to the investigative, prosecuting and adjudicating bodies new possibilities how to seize quickly and effectively the real estate which comes from the criminal activity, was determined for criminal activity or was used for committing a crime.

This legal regulation is the reaction to the international treaties aimed at the raprochement of criminal law regulations of member states of European Union. Explicitly it is the Framework Decision of the Council (Council of EU) n. 2003/577/SVV of 22nd July 2003 on the execution of seizure order of the property or means of evidence in EU which was introduced into the Czech legal system through the mentioned amendment

Key words: criminal process, seizure operations, real estate, cadastre.