Method of the legal regulation in employment relationships of policemen in our republic and in some countries of EU
Kuril, Jozef:

The author deals with the legal characterization of the service relationship as the legal relationship. He points at the fact that the employment relationships of policemen in our country as well as in the states of EU combine the methods of legal regulation which means that the elements of private and public service character mingle. The equality in position of subjects prevails in the formation of service relationship, but the autonomy of the will of the parties is limited by the mandatory nature of the legal regulation and both private and public service method of legal regulation is applied. Likewise in case of termination of service relationship there are both of these two elements, i.e. elements of private and public service nature are present. During the realization of mutual rights and duties and during the existence of the service relationship, the relation of superiority and subordination of the parties prevails and the method of legal regulation of public service is used.

Key words: service relationship, public-service relationship, individual legal act, state, stability of the employee relationship – tenure, mandatory nature of legal regulation, method of legal regulation.