Assessment and Results of the Survey of PA CR Students´ Information Literacy
Bílá, Jitka:

The information literacy is part and parcel of qualifications of each modern person living in today´s era of a proliferating development of information technologies (ICT). ICT  can be efficiently used for the fastest  acquisition of up-to-date data from all over the world, which is a basic prerequisite for everybody´s professional growth.On the basis of the comparison between  the results of a UN survey (from the years 1994 – 1998) and  the ones of a survey carried out by the Ministry of Information of the Czech Republic (2005), surveying the information and computer literacy ( terminology disunity) of the world population and the population of the Czech Republic, a questionnaire has been drafted and a survey of the level of PA CR students´information literacy has been carried out. The survey results show that there is obvious need to include a proper form of information education in the study programmes for future police managers.
Key words: information literacy, computer literacy, information education, survey, information literacy standards, information services, information resources.