Lisbon Strategy
Pikna, Bohumil:

The author of the article responds to the part of the so-called Lisbon Strategy that deals above all with the problems in the field of freedom, security and justice in accordance with the Hague Programme. He refers to a fact that in the framework of the implementation of the Lisbon Strategy  tackling grey economy and illegal employment plays a significant role in the part comprising the issues of legal migration and the struggle against illegal immigration. For grey economy and illegal employment  can work as a factor intensifying illegal immigration and last but not least lead to exploitation. In this sense, EU member states will take appropriate measures, and the measures in the spheres of policing and criminal law will play an important role in this field. Therefore the issues of the Lisbon Strategy are included in the examination paper of the subject „European Law“ at the Police Academy of the Czech Republic.
Key words: Hague Programme, Lisbon Strategy, legal migration, illegal migration, grey economy.