Analysis of Legislative Tools for Drawing Profits Ensuing from Criminal Activity – Lithunian Republic,
Kuržeja, Jan, Zámek, David

This first part of the analytic study takes up the research project of the programme „Security Research“ VD20072010B19.
The research is aimed at topical legislative possibilities of seizure and drawing the property and profits ensuing from criminal activity in Latvia. The purpose of this analysis is in accordance with the legislation of the European Union to assess the present legislative measures against the legalization of profits ensuing from criminal activity in the framework of their legislation (the act on prevention of money laundering and funding terrorism). This part of the study also assesses the possibilities of criminal investigation authorities and in relation to it deals with legislative measures and activities related to illegal property profits – ungrounded enriching – in dependence on breaking other than criminal rules.
Keywords: property benefits, resource criminality, profit ensuing from criminal activity, safety tools and acts, seizure, freezing and detaining profits, forfeiture of the thing, dispossession of the thing, legalization of profits ensuing from criminal activity, money-laundering.