Investigation of Domestic Violence ln Slovakia
prof. JUDr. Mgr. Jana Viktoryová, PhD., JUDr. Ladislav Vajzer, doc. JUDr. Štefan Kočan, PhD.,

The essay based on the Final Report on the International Research Task “Topical issues of investigating selected types of crimes” deals with the issues of questioning an injured person and a witness during pre-trial proceedings carried out in connection with domestic violence and consequently with the risk of secondary victimization of the violence victim. It pays attention to the principles that are necessary during the procedural act as well as to the way of their application. It also deals with the evaluation of the results of the use of police powers to remove a violent person from the family home. It concentrates especially on positive experience connected with the use of these powers. It also expresses its opinion on the use of SARA SK method in the course of police training in the field of domestic violence identification.
Key words:domestic violence, violence committed towards women and children, interrogation of an adult injured person, interrogation of a minor and juvenile injured.