Kybergrooming (Part 2)
Bc. Lenka Klivandová, Mgr. Lukáš Urban, PhD.

The paper is designed as a social science interpretation of the cyber grooming – the phenomenon of misuse of information and communication technologies to manipulation and sexual assault on a child, respectively juvenile victim – with the emphasis being placed on the description of its socio-cultural contexts (e.g. the commercialization of life, the dynamics of time, the greediness of society for experiences, sharing and deep friendship, integrity / “crisis” of contemporary family, an unprecedented penetration of worlds of children and adults, the invasion of virtuality and ICT into daily /everyday/ life, media education and literacy). The authors also describe the different phasing of attacks and manipulative techniques of groomers (hunters, predators), as well as personality traits of typical offenders and victims, preventive measures and projects; it is also mentioned the criminal (law) level of discussed socially pathological phenomenon. The text is completed by the latest insights of experts from the security legal and pedagogical practice.
Keywords: Grooming, cyberbullying, new media, information and communication technologies, information and media literacy, internet addiction, emotional addiction, stages of attack, virtual manipulation, luring, mirroring, fishing, sexting, prevention.