Use of Preliminary Passengers Assessment Systém “Global Security Database for Aviation” at Airports
Bc. Ing. Daniel Maršálek, Bc. Ondrej Palatáš, doc. Mgr. Ing. Radomír Ščurek, Ph.D.

The article deals with the issue of implementation of the preliminary passenger’s assessment in terms of international airport. The proposed system works with a series of data from operational, security and information databases and on the basis of their processing, expert algorithm identifies the risk level of a particular passenger – even before his arrival at the airport – and assigns him the status. This article analyzes the system, from the procedural point of view, thus from the process of booking a ticket to the passenger arrival at the airport, through check-in, security check to boarding.
Key words: airport, attack, database, GSDA, implementation, passenger, security, preliminary assesment, terrorism.