Wearing of Shoes in Dependence on Time
prof. PhDr. Jiří Straus, DrSc., Mgr. Martin Vomáčka

The wear-out of footwear in time is closely related to a change in the already former individual characteristics, which have been reflected in a trace and secured at the scene of crime. It is therefore important to find out the degree of use of footwear on the formation of shape alterations in the already created individual characteristics or in the creation new ones. The aim of the research task was to determine, after how much time footwear is worn out, whereby individual characteristics on the outsole are created, altered or erased. The research was carried out on six types of outsoles. The decrease in the material of the outsole and the formation of individual characteristics was monitored in relation to the period of use. The results are necessary for expert examination in the field of tracology. This is a question of proving, for how long a trace catalogued in a collection of traces, maintains its testimonial value and the possibility of identification in relation to the actual footwear, which imprinted the trace and has not been secured yet.
Key words: traceology, footwear, identification, criminalistic trace.