Suicidal Killing Readiness: Sociocultural and Religious Identifiers of Suicidal Killing Potentiality
Tuček, Leoš:

The presented text is aimed at sociocultural and religious identifiers of suicidal violent activism (terrorism). The author has attempted to give a minimal definition of terrorism that makes the suicidal terrorism systematization possible. At the same time, the author presents a common breakdown of suicidal terrorism examination levels, while the attention is concentrated on the cohesion problem of different levels, i.e. the problem of communication, religious and sociocultural process to ensure
a suicidal process following the line – a suicidal assassin – a terrorist organization – the society. The basic starting point is the verification of the certain assumption, namely that these identifiers are active before, during and after the terrorist attack, and may therefore be relatively a reliable guideline of the security risks while it is necessary to confront these elements with the elements of conceptual determination of terrorism.
Keywords: terrorism, suicidal terrorism, sociocultural identifiers, religious identifiers.