FELCAN Miroslav:

The sustainable delevopment of traffic/transportation and the reduction of road accidents is one of the top priorities of the and logically, of the Member States, including the Slovak Republic. Out of all the categories of traffic/transportation, road traffic is the most dangerous one and the worst one as far as the death-toll is concerned. On European roads the number of persons killed every day by being involved in a road accident equals to the number of victims of a crash of a middle-sized aircraft. This is also declared in the White Book of the Commission of the European Union: The European Traffic Policy until 2010 published in 2001, since one of the top priorities of the user, of the motor vehicle is the level of safety on roads and thus the main goal of the European Union is to reduce the number of road traffic victims by 50 per cent by 2010. The meeting of this goal should be reached by an integrated action/project that will take into consideration the relevant factors of human beings and technology in order to make the European system of roads a safe one.
Keywords: European Union, harmonization, approximation, integration, cooperation, road traffic, traffic system, road traffic safety, road traffic accident, motorization, infrastructure, traffic congestion, environment.