Evaluation Findings obtained from the Lessons of European Law at the Pa CR
Pikna Bohumil:   

The article deals with the results of an anonymous survey carried out by the lecturer in European Law at the Police Academy of the Czech Republic in January 2006 during the examinations of students in the Master study programme Safety Law Studies. The main aim was to find out the feedback between the teaching and study results, the opinions of students concerning the basic text books, their quality for the needs of study preparedness, how they perceive expertness, seriousness and didactic abilities of the teacher and last but not least also the views concerning the conduct and impartiality of the examinations. The gained knowledge will serve for the needs of correction of the teaching of European law and also for the needs of elaborating two new basic textbooks of the Police Academy of the Czech Re[public.
From the students´ answers (according to the questionnaire) the positive evaluation of the teaching including content of the seminars was confirmed. Both the way and form of carrying out the exam, and also the objectivity of the given marks are evaluated positively. At the same time certain differences between the quality of knowledge and results between the full-time study and the distance study were confirmed. Because of this reason there will be measures taken to rise the level of knowledge of the combined study (respectively also the individual study) lying in the organizational steps especially in the explanation and practical introduction of well thought out methodology of the  study of European law. In this connection we expect to get advantage of a special internet web page of the Police Academy of the CR European law /supportive distance learning texts accessible on the www
Key words: evalutation, evaluation of teaching, survey.