Experience with the Application of Some Elements of Distance Learning in Teaching the European Law at the Police Academy of the Czech Republic
Pikna Bohumil:  

The article deals with the experience gained in the course of using the Internet (Intranet) in teaching the subject of European Law at the Police Academy of the Czech Republic. It describes the experience within the process of PACR students´ preparation for the examinations using some elements and knowledge from  the so-called distance learning (the Academy has not introduced such a type of learning yet). It particularly deals with the formation, contents and topic of some educational texts and study requisites of similar „distance materials“. Last but not least it represents a suitable teaching method aimed at  the effective command of the preparation especially by  part-time and individual students. For this purpose there has been a special PACR website „European Law – support distance learning texts – at World Wide Web http: //   since 2002.
In the conclusion the article deals with  particular measures aimed at the improve-ment of the knowlegde level in the Europen Law namely by part-time and individual studies of the Police Academy of the Czech Republic using the Academy Internet site. The measures will include some texts complementarity and above all the introduction of learning methods easing the studies.
Key words: Distance learning, Europena law, education.