Limitative Factors of Private Security Service System
Novák, František:

Inconsistent interests of a customer, employer and executive member of a Private Security Service together with the current legal regulation make the action for the protection of the legitimate interests of a private security service customer a very risky matter. Another problem which is hard to solve is the customer´s effort to gain the „security“ at the lowest price as possible. The side-effects represent poorly skilled executive emploees and for the Security Service managements their relatively easy replacement. This fact deepens the harmful consequences of the staff turnover as well as the weak status and social position of security service workers within the PSS system. The PS customers will be given first-quality services provided that they identify themselves with the conclusion: „High-quality services have their high price and represent the costs which will surely pay.“
Professional public is ready to seek the main remedy inside the firms- the PS subjects. It won´t be sufficient just to retrain the current candidates, further regular improvement training courses must be introduced, as well as the permanent quality control and the offered service analysis. Within the personnel relations it is necessary to improve practically expressed employer – employee solidarity. Unified standards of qualification would lead not only to the better service quality, but also to the better executive worker status. With respect to the PS significance the particular steps towards the unification of professional training with the demanding final examination are necessary.
Key words: private security services, current legal regulation, status of secdurty service workers, legislative, standards of qualification.