Identification and Evaluation of the Public Order and Internal Security Situation
HUNDÁK, Stefan:

It is neccessary to analyse regularly the state and development of security situation to manage competently police activities. The analysis of the state and development of the security situation and its results enables to identify and evaluate this situation. On the basis of the identification and evaluation of the  security situation it is then possible to specify security risks and to determine policing priorities in safeguarding the most favourable state and development of the security situation in the following period. To obtain an objective identification and objective evaluation of the security situation it is necessary, among others, to choose a corresponding method in the analysis and to respect the specifics of the analysis, identification and evaluation of the security situation. This will consequently enable to specify the security risks and to set up policing priorities in safeguarding  security situation in the following period.
Key words: security situation, police management, analysis of the security situation, identification of the security situation, evaluation of the security situation, security risks, policing priorities, safeguarding of the security situation.