Private Security Services in the Slovak Republic under the Supervision the Ministry of Interior and Police
Novák František

The importance of private security services (PSS) as an integral part of a security system in a country with functioning market economy is highlighted by the activities of legislative bodies of the Slovak Republic. The legislative authorities have already formulated the second, detailed and fairly rigorous norm codifying the activities of non-state, private security. This norm confronts the activities of PSS with unprecedented level of exigency and this is true not only in the Slovak context. The near future will show how the big, medium but mostly the small agencies of commercial and personal protection square up with the new, far more demanding requirements. The Slovak legislatures passed the law with the most strict and state-regulated procedures, which we are allowed, in developed European countries. Nevertheless what is missing is the question of associating in professional chambers, as well as the obligatory membership in such institutions.
Key words: private services in the field of security, guard duty, detective service, professional training and consultations.