The problem of “otherness” as the premise of the discourse of multiculturalism
Nesvadba Petr:

The main point of the article is to search for philosophical premises for discourse of multiculturalism of the present world. In the first part the author asks the very fundamental question whether it is even possible to shape radical “otherness” as a new separate subject and he puts the answer into the context of evolution of the European rationality. He criticizes the totalitarizing concept of the “force of insight” and he suggests the reflection on “home” as a horizon of “pre-understanding” instead. In the second part of the article the author shows the differences between the notions such as “toleration” and “respect” and he outlines the concept of “respect” in the meaning of “deconstruction of sense”.
Key words: Multiculturalism, otherness, totality, home toleration, respect, deconstru-ction.