Schengen Borders Code
Pikna,  Bohumil:

The article deals with one of the most significant recent he regulation of the European Parliament and the Council No 562/200legislative measures of the EU in the development of the Schengen acquis – it is t6 of March 15,2006 which stipulates the Code of the Union on the rules regulating the cross-border movement of persons, so called Schengen Borders Code. The regulation presents a consolidated set of legal standards for the area of the protection of external borders and the essential tool for a single policy in the control of the external borders. The regulation lays down the fact that in relation to the persons crossing internal borders between member states of the EU the regulation for the border protection is not carried out. The reintroduction of the internal borders protection is admissible only as an exceptional measure for the reason of a serious threat to the public order and the internal security of the respective state. The article also includes the issue of the participation of the accession states of Schengen, the possibilities of the entrance refusal into the territory of the member states and the basic scheme of the external borders control.
Key words:  EU, Schengen borders code.