Conceptualization of Organized Crime in the Word and in the Czech Republic
JUDr. Ing. Olga Vojtěchovská

The article briefly summarizes conceptualization of organized crime in the word and in the Czech Republic. It accentuates the organized crime conceptualization in Germany and Poland, making reference to the USA, England as well as to the EU and UN viewpoints, including the conceptualization used in the Czech Republic. It itemizes particularly serious forms of international crime according to the EU, paying attention to the fact that from the EU point of view the list does not include terrorism. In conclusion the article mentions two examples of organized crime relating to human trafficking and organized computer crime.
Keywords: Financial crime, human trafficking, organized crime, organized criminal activities, organized economic crime, organized common crime, computer crime, conceptualization of organized crime, terrorism, features of organized crime, particularly serious forms of international crime.