Theoretical and Methodological Resources to Research into Negative Social Phenomena of Large Extent
Mgr. Lenka Burdová, Dr. Bc. Ján Šugár, CSc.

The paper handles with the topic of so called “large scale negative social phenomena” on the area of the Czech Republic, which, under certain circumstances, may be manifested in the forms of so called sociogenous emergencies (sociogenous emergency situations or enets). Authors of the paper summarize the results of the first phase of the empirical quantitative research, focused mainly to confirm or disprove the existence of typical indicators of selected sociogenous incidents, it means the elements, present in the social reality, which manifests the emerging of aspecific sociogenous emergency situation, or are predicting its emerging or outburst. And they describe the trend of the development of their research together, which has a form the qualitative analysis of every selected sociogenous emergency event based on typical algorithm.
Keywords: algorithm, indicator, qualitative analysis, sociogenous emergency event.