Biometric System in the Frame-Work of Forensic Dactyloscopy – AFIS BIS
prof. PhDr. Jiří Straus, DrSc., Dagmar Slobodzianová

The article describes the principal of a new identification system in dactyloscopy. In recent years the new identification systems have been named as biometric. They are based on a basic principal of identification biometry. The name biometric serves here more for conventional purposes. AFIS 2000 was also upgraded and bears enlarged title AFIS BIS. In the case of AFIS BIS the basic principal of identification of person is biometric in the form of rules of dactyloscopy as a scientific discipline. The new AFIS BIS automates the current processes and supports mutual functionality with other external systems. AFIS BIS brings advantages in being both a unit construction system and a database. The system may function and assess the information input even without a human presence.
Keywords: forensic dactyloscopy, biometric system, biometric identification, dactyloscopic card, identification of a person.