Methodology of The Evaluation of Policemen of The Police of the Czech Republic – Results from the Research Carried out on Policemen Studying at the Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague 
Jedinák, Petr, Šugár, Ján:

The paper describes the methodology of the evaluating discussion which has been applied as the most widely form of the assessment of employees in organizations – their working performance during the specified period. This method has also been utilized under the framework of regular professional evaluation of policemen of the Police of the Czech Republic. The report outlines some rules which were necessary to follow during the evaluating discussion especially by the evaluators. Further, the results of accomplished research concerning the policemen are presented where attention was specifically paid to the above mentioned methodology. The research was carried out at the Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague in 2010.
Keywords: methodology of the evaluating discussion, evaluator – a policeman occupying a managerial position, evaluated policeman – a common policeman.