Czech Policemen as Knowledge Workers
Mládková, Ludmila:

The paper discusses problematic of knowledge workers. Importance of knowledge workers is growing. Managers of knowledge workers meet certain problems caused by specifics of knowledge work. Knowledge, main resource and tool of knowledge workers is of intangible character and is partly subconscious. Process of knowledge work cannot be monitored as it happens in heads of an employee’s which means that managers of knowledge workers cannot use traditional managerial tools. Knowledge work also changes power in organization. Power is being moved from the one who manages to the one who has knowledge.
Pilot project of research oriented on work of knowledge workers and their management was conducted at the Police University of the Czech Republic in Prague at the end of 2010. There were 59 policemen in between respondents. Even though the sample is small, pilot research proved that policemen are knowledge workers. It also proved importance of knowledge for knowledge workers and indicated that role of managers in an organization and requirements on their style of management changes. The research goes on. It will cover also knowledge workers of different professions in future.
Keywords: knowledge, explicit knowledge, tacit knowledge, knowledge worker, management of knowledge workers.