The Basic Conditions of Permissible Interference with Fundamental Rights Police Conduct and Freedoms in the Slovak Republic (from the Perspective of the Police Corps Act) Part II
Cuľba, Martin, Felcan, Miroslav

The article is aimed at the clarification the basic conditions of tolerable interference with human rights by police action in the Slovak Republic. To define them at the end of follow-up work clarifying the obligation to minimize interference with human rights principles in the form of minimizing harm to human rights by police action.
Keywords: Police Force, police, traffic police service, a service of riot police, police action, police action, business activity, police action, the fundamental rights and freedoms, human rights, interference with human rights, the admissibility of the use of human rights, safety oversight and smoothness of road traffic, legitimate aim, necessity of intervention, the principle of minimizing harm to human rights, code of ethics.