Human Trafficking in the Slovak Republic in the most Endangered Community
Soukop, Pavel, Hlinka, Jozef, Tallo, Anton

The article deals with the analysis of the results of the research into the issues of human trafficking in a marginal group. Many Slovak citizens, especially members of the socially excluded group ( Roma community citizens represent nearly 60% of human trafficking victims) have become the victims of human trafficking for forced labour. The article deals with various practices and individual forms of human trafficking for forced labour. Many respondents from the community members or their close relatives have become direct victims of human trafficking for forced labour, sexual exploitation, social benefits drawing. Many juveniles have been abused in the form of coerced begging and stealing.
Keywords: human trafficking, forced labour, coerced prostitution, trafficking in children, coerced marriage, coerced begging and stealing by children, coerced removal of internal organs, sexual exploitation.