Biomechanical Analysis of Abnormal Exercise with Infants
Straus Jiří, Sadílek Zdeněk, Danko Filip, Filipenská Lucie

Flying Babies method is based on exercise with infants and young children. Age of children is limited by the physical fitness of adults (mostly parents) to keep the child in the arms and carried him single circular motion around his body. The aim of measurements was carried out the video analysis to determine the average and maximum head acceleration and discuss the possibility of head injuries during the flying babies method. We have measured and analysed in detail the whole exercise block of 4 children in age 17 days to 19 months and weight 3,3 kg to 10 kg. Whole exercise block takes 7 – 10 minutes and parents exercise with their children twice a day at least.
Keywords: Biomechanics, Flying Babies, Head Acceleration, MTBI, Video Analysis.