The Importance of Ethical Code for Members of Police Forces SR in the Context of Actual Safety Environment
Greňo Jozef

This article discusses the Ethical Code for members of police forces in the SR. It emphasizes the importance of humane police behavior. Such humane behavior increases the feeling of responsibility for an individual person and his/her behavior. It shows us a real example of an individual who is able to respect currently valid standards embedded in the moral and legal structure. Ethical Code, which has gone through long qualitative development, represents one of the important regulators for police officers in the SR. Ethical Code presents the ethical duties of police officers which significantly and positively influence the quality of their work. It also helps them to eliminate the behavior which is in conflict with ethical principles and to find solutions for moral dilemmas. Ethical Code plays an important role in organization of work and controlling. In order to follow ethical standards it is necessary to continue the process of implementation of these principles in practice.
Keywords: safety, workplace ethics, ethical norms, ethical code.