Particularities of Police Slang
Mgr. Alena Lukáčová, Ph.D., JUDr. Martin Kloubek, Ph.D.

The article deals with slang that is part of each and every national language, but it is a form of colloquial language. Slang is classified as a socially determinated lexicology within that some special appellation are formulated. Police slang has its own particularities as many other slang characterizing various professional and interest communities. Police slang particularities are closely connected with specific features of police as a community within that its own slang was created and also will be created continuously as a reaction to new impulses and facts. The authors tend to maintain an opinion that despite the fact the police slang attracts the attention of many, it shouldn´t be publicized widely due to many reasons. It should be known and used within the Police of the Czech Republic and also the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.
Keywords: slang, particularities, national language, colloquial language, special appellation, police community.