Recent Reflexions on Freedom of Speech Issues With Focus on Extremist Behaviour
JUDr. Aleš Zpěvák

Finally, we can ask whether it is even still in the early 21st century need to write about freedom of expression or equality. The answer must ask each person himself. It is not yet a commonplace that every person in the world, but a kind of uniqueness that is associated with the functioning of the democratic rule of law in which the Czech Republic has grown up. It is the multiplicity and diversity of views that can be heard at every step, whether the mass media or by their friends is one of the pillars of democracy, but this made some speeches, whether made verbally or nonverbally can shock their incitement to hatred against others. Therefore, democratic society must tolerate restrictions on this right, because of potential abuse groups inclined to extremism.
Keywords: Human rights, extremism, freedom of speech, the Charter of fundamental rights and freedoms, democracy, liberalism, rule of law.